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Técnicas Medico Estéticas y Quirúrgicas en reconstrucción de pabellón auricular post-amputación parcial

Autores/as: Dra. Ruth Dans Maac - Dr. Raúl Pinto - Dra. Daysi Dans

BACKGROUND: While partial traumatic amputation stab ear is rare. For organ malformations, lost by trauma, surgery, pathology of various etiologies are multiple treatment modalities (surgical flap, microsurgery grafts with or without revascularization, osseous integrated prostheses, etc..) but not references combining these techniques medico-aesthetic - surgical
OBJETIVE: To describe our experience in these lesions combining simple classical technique of mobilization of flaps with current therapies such as PRP and Ac-filled implants. Hyaluronic.
DESIGN: Retrospective Evaluation and descriptive.
MATERIAL AND METHOD: Includes a series of 5 patients, 4-male and 1 female, have partial traumatic amputation (25% -40%) of the pinna, with evolution from 12 days to 2 years. Categorizes defects and anthropometric evaluation everyone is treated with PRP Platelet-rich plasma-(non-immunogenic autologous bioactive material) - 3 sessions in liquid and clotted. Hyaluronic acid implants with concentrations at 18% and 30% -3 sessions, coinciding with the 2 overlapping time of surgical reconstruction by pedicle retroauricular flap.
RESULTS: In all cases, very favorable evolution, we, due to the action of platelet growth factors, GFs of PRPA) healing invisible-b) 50% shortening healing times, filled with Ac.Hyaluronic that give volume and define symmetry and harmonization get relief esthetic-flap with the contralateral pinna.
CONCLUSIONS: These combined techniques not only bounced back losses anatomical segments fabrics identical to the originals, shorten the course of healing processes also aesthetic-functional results highly satisfactory

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